Your First Visit

The first appointment will last between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Case History

The Osteopath will take a detailed history. This will include your current symptoms, when they started and questions about the affects they have on your daily life. Details about your past medical history will also be useful; any accidents, trauma, illnesses and operations as well as any other relevant areas of your health such as any emotional stress and strains.


The Osteopath will then look at your body, what your posture is like, observe your spine and specific relevant joint mobility. Specific appropriate clinical tests, such as the taking of blood pressure or testing of reflexes may also be perfomed.

The Osteopath will then gently put their hands on areas of your body to assess the general state of all tissues, (i.e, bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia, etc) and any particular strain patterns affecting the body. Using all the gathered information from both the history and the examination, the osteopath will form a diagnosis, and tailor an appropriate treatment plan for the individual.

What You Should Wear

You may be asked to remove some clothing for the examination, this is not usually necessary after the initial visit, but loose clothing is easier and more comfortable for us to work with.